For this article, I spent a lot of time thinking of good ramp puns, but in the end, I failed.

So what is a ramp?

rampramp veggie

A ramp is a leek-like, wild, garlicky onion, but sweeter. It’s like a shallot and a garlic had a baby and it came out like a sweet little spring onion. It’s pretty adorable. It looks like a scallion with a flowing, green leafish top. Don’t worry if you’ve never heard of Ramps. I sure hadn’t. Their season is short. They are one of the first veggies to survive after the final frost of the winter. They need to be foraged, like a truffle, so there is an added element of adventure and a ‘land to table’ appeal to them.

One6Three meets the ramp

Last week, Trevor, a regular and a skilled chef over at the Beer Collective in New Haven (an artsy bar with an extensive beer list and innovative menu) texted Andrew:

Dude: Rob (executive chef at Beer Collective) found wild ramps in Woodbridge. You guys want some?

Since One6Three can take any ingredient and somehow make it work on a pizza (blueberries and feta cheese?! cranberry drizzle and asparagus!?), of course, we needed to make a Ramp Pizza. What emerged is our newest, and most limited time offered, Spring Pizza, Lady and the Ramps. We took the ramps and made a roasted ramp pesto, added herbed ricotta, wood-fired garlic, smoked bacon, and voila, a delicious spring pizza that has something for everyone!

Since ramp season is short, we are only offering this pie for a limited time. This means two things for our valued customers:

  1. You need to come down ASAP and get your mouths around this pizza.
  2. We need another spring special. What should it be? What should it be? Please leave your suggestions in the comments!


One thought on “For this article, I spent a lot of time thinking of good ramp puns, but in the end, I failed.

  1. 163 is the real ramp champ making their stamp with the Old World revamp, encamp when you see the amps in the “HERE” lamp.


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