Why We Take Days Off

Labor Day has just passed and it got us thinking about hard work and days off.

You may have recently seen our post about our upcoming days off in September. They’re sprinkled through out the month and we are excited to celebrate some big (wedding shower!) and small (Big E!) events this month with our family and friends. And yes, the Big E and a wedding shower are certainly worth a day off, but more than the events themselves, there is a philosophy that we try hard to ascribe to that is behind those days off: Self-care.

September is National Recovery Month. Many of the hard working members of our staff have bravely faced mental illness and substance abuse and we believe strongly in taking care of ourselves and each other as a key component to our recovery.  At One6Three, many of us work fifty plus hours a week (as do many of our kick-ass customers), and while we value a hardy work ethic, we try to encourage ourselves and our staff to practice self-care.

The concept of self-care is often times seen as antithetical to our poisoned American obsession with consumption and money making. Studies are showing that Americans are taking fewer vacation days, retiring later, and working longer hours. We are also seeing historically high suicide rates too. Mental illness and addiction are still taboo topics in our society, and they are treated like weaknesses or crimes. These harmful myths push those suffering into the shadows to battle their illness alone, in shame.

We are by no means mental health professionals, but we are part of a vocal, proud group of hard working individuals who implore those suffering to take care of themselves, seek help, talk to their communities, and come out, proudly, from the shadows.

This is why we take days off.

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(Not pictured: Our bomb dishwasher Ray, our hard working delivery guys Cole and Alberto, and the kitchen magician, Angel)

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