We Love East Rock

The actual neighborhood of East Rock refers to the geographic areas between exits 3 and 6 on 91, Trumbull Street and Whitney Ave, and an area that is divided into the ninth and tenth aldermanic wards. However, much of that is just mumbo jumbo to the residents that live here. The neighborhood of East Rock to those of us who are lucky enough to call this slice of New Haven home is the tree-lined area down the street from Down Town. It is the quirkier area that has tiny gardens and surprise green spaces. The inhabitants use places like The Pantry and Nica’s as meeting places and directional landmarks. We buy our booze from Orange Street Liquor Shop, we get our coffee from East Rock Coffee, and we get our hair cut at The Hive.

east rock coffeethe hive







The lucky folks who live in East Rock, the Yale grad students, the professors, the families, the young professionals, and the hip artists, have created a family-friendly enclave that isn’t quite hipster, quite hippie, quite yuppie, but something wonderfully unique in the middle.

Since the staff and owners at One6Three make up our own conglomerations of artists, hipsters, young parents, working professional, intellectuals and let’s face it, we’re all jokers, we feel like we’ve finally come home. If we were to break our success into a (pizza) pie chart we would attribute it to equal parts hard work, great food, and the luck of the location we landed in.

The One6Three owners, Andrew and Alexa looked for a long time before they settled on a little, rag-tag take-out pizza place in East Rock. They knew it when they saw it. Like trying on the perfect wedding dress, or seeing your future husband for the first time, or sliding on the pair of perfect jeans: You just know it! Our regulars that wander in after a long class, come over after a MActivity workout, or ride their bikes from their homes are the heart of our restaurant. We couldn’t experience the success we’ve been blessed with without this neighborhood.

Our favorite thing about East Rock is the people who live here.

The smartest, kindest couple you could hope to meet: Haze and her person Louis.

What is your favorite thing about East Rock? Share your favorite East Rock quality, memory, person or business and you could win a free small pie!

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