One6Three: The Wedding Edition

Since they first opened their doors over a year ago, the owners of One6Three, Andrew Holmes and Alexa Flagge have been married to the business. But this past weekend, 10.14.17, the business took a backseat for a few hours while they got married to each other. At Halcyon Hill Farm in Oxford, the pizza tossing duo traded doughs for ‘I Dos’ at an intimate ceremony officiated by the groom’s sister (and One6Three waitress) Stacey O’Connor.

The staff of One6Three gathers at Andrew and Alexa’s wedding for a fun-filled night

125 of their closest friends and family joined the pair for a dance, donut, pizza, and emotion-filled evening. A few of the highlights included: Photography from the talented married couple Beets and Blossom, a wedding ceremony that included readings from Neruda and quotes from Dumb and Dumber AND Taylor Swift, Dinner provided by Old World Pizza Truck and Chief Brody’s Bahn Mi Truck, Greek dancing after the perfect amount of cocktails, the couple’s aging dog, Tootsie, music by DJae Melee, Andrew’s seven year old son Noah as ring bearer (in a bowtie!) oh yeah, and there may have been some splits on the dance floor courtesy of Emily Levine, bridesmaid, and One6Three waitress.

The evening was a beautiful ball of magic. They are a couple deeply rooted in family and they love each other and the people in their lives with conviction and humor. The evening was just a small PIZZA their lives together. They’ve been OVEN each other for a long time, and they’ll continue their commitment to each other through thick and thin crust.


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