Fresh to Death


In general, we try not to take advice from anyone on the Jersey Shore, but Pauly D is spitting some knowledge right here and now.

One of the core tenants of our establishment has always been and will always be to stay fresh to death. For us that means that we chop, saute, grill, batter, steam, and prep our ingredients fresh every day. Microwaves? Not in our resturant!

…..when you’re sauteing veggies

This can mean really great things and sort of annoying things for our customers.

Great: Fresh ingredients taste better. Bacon that is chopped and grilled before it goes on pizza means crispier, saltier bacon. Oven roasted red peppers that are really fire-roasted, then steamed until their skins come off might sound barbaric, but it’s actually delicious, and hand breaded, thinly- sliced chicken cutlet tastes anything but generic.

Annoying: Because we prep all of our food fresh daily, sometimes we run out of ingredients. We would rather not serve you something than serve you something that we aren’t completely proud of. This also means that it takes some time to make our food. We make everything to order, which is why we don’t do slices, so give us a few minutes to put it togehter.

The Newest Members of The Fresh Team

Our fresh obsession means we utlizes locally grown, seasonal produce whenever possible. For the summer season, this means two delicious new pizzas:




Summer is Coming

Summer is coming is an ode to all things summer. Sauted zuchini, summer squash, carmalized onions, and wood fired red roasted peppers are layered on top of shredded mozzeralla and finished with dollops of our herbed ricotta cheese. Feeling meaty? Ask for it with sausage.



IMG_3719 (1)


Heirloom Tomato Pie

I’m not lying, this is my favorite pizza. Locally grown, sweet and fresh heirloom tomatos, fresh basil, and garlic piled on top of shredded mozzerella and finished with dollops of fresh mozzerlla.





While we won’t be changing our fresh policy anytime soon, these summer specials will only be around for as long as that sunburn, so lather on that aloe and get your red tush down to One6Three. 


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